Why Buy Our Pixel Ads?
Boost Traffic, Cheap Price, Investment Opportunity
Why Should you buy our pixel Ads?

1. People are always curious
More and more people enjoy Internet surfing and they are always curious all over the world. When they visit the homepage, and they are curious who have bought the pixel ads and what they put on the blocks, so that they will click and click the pixels to find out the story behind the pixel ads continually. Then our pixel Ads will boost your website traffic.

2. Pixel Ads - A new form of advertising space for your website
This is the best way of entering and promoting your website on the Internet. You can't buy 5 years of advertising in any media for such a cheap price!
You only pay one time. Your pixel ads will be running on our high traffic website's homepage with unlimited impressions and clicks.

3. A wonderful investment opportunity
The Pixel blocks also have an incredible possibility of increasing value. The selling price is set to be $25, but some of which have more potential of raising value than the others, e.g. those of great location (such as the right up corner pixel block on our homepage), and you can sell it to others to earn capital gain.

4. Our guarantee
Milllionpixelclick.com homepage will not change and there is a guarantee to keeping it online for at least 5 years. In fact, we think we will actually operate forever. Please trust in the future: more and more new comer to Internet who have not heard about our Million Pixel Click  website yet, will visit to know this incredible website.

5. Our Website Traffic
We may not be the original pixel pioneers. But we
can develop the site into something better and we are trying to be the best! Now we have almost 700 unique IP per day to surf our site, and the sum is growing rapidly. We establish the site on Nov 04 2005, Until now our traffic ranking is 501,905 certified by Alexa, Only 25 days! 

6.Our PageRank:

2005 Dec 05: Today Our Alexa Traffic Ranking is 403,705, increase 98155 Only in 5 days!

2006 Jan 12: Today Our Alexa Traffic Ranking is 179,157

Date: 2006 Jan 09

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